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These ceramic gingerbread men have a hole where a full tummy should be. Each  representing a person forced to use food banks because they cannot afford to buy food.  The devastation to our health and social welfare systems that 6 years of ideological austery cuts have inflicted  on our support structures, means they cannot act as the security net they once were for people in hardship. The freezing of pay, or the "gig" economy for many  people, results in irregular income or a pay cut of 14% in real terms, whilst prices of food, housing, transport and energy rise. The Trussell Trust is the largest food bank network in the UK,  handed out around 41,000 food packs in 2009/10 compared to 1.2 million in 2016/17. We should be both angry and ashamed that in this wealthy country we have people 1.2 million people starving and resorting to food banks.