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Inform, engage, change, is my intent.

Although something like 84% of the county did not want fracking, the government, and more  locally to me, North Yorkshire council pushed it ahead anyway. The dangers of fracking are immense, they cannot be overstated. Why would any sane person take a risk with our water and air,  and Fracking is a huge irreversible risk. In a time when we must reduce our dangerous planet warming emissions fracking will release more methane into the environment, some unburnt 'fugitive' emissions plus huge amounts turned quickly into fossil CO2. It releases methane, radium and a host of toxic substances into our water systems. The aquifer locally already has higher than average methane levels, we don't want explosive poisonous water. When the frackers have gone, or gone bust, and the mess is left. We and our children will still be living with it 50 - 100 years from now,   polluted water and destroyed eco systems, forever.

Fractured Country - An Unconventional Invasion.

is a new film from Lock the Gate Alliance (Australia) about the risks to communities from invasive gasfields. This is the full version of the documentary.

Write to your MP every week, in fact write twice a week so they really know how strongly you feel about this. To help you I have added a link to Find Your MP site enter your post code find the name, then click on send them a message, copy and paste this text or write your own. Be polite please

As my representative in Parliament, I would like you to vote against allowing fracking in Yorkshire or anywhere in the UK. I believe it is highly dangerous to our environment, and the health of residents anywhere near a well site. As you know it is not just one well planned, but hundreds. with all the concomitant infrastructure needed for the process. Massive heavy lorries on roads never meant for this traffic, the waste generated by the process, and the immense amounts of water that is contaminated and escapes back into our aquifers and ground water, or evaporates into the air. Each Frack uses the equivalent of all the domestic water used by a town the size of Fleetwood and 60% of that is irreversibly lost each time.  Fracking  has proved to be in Australia and America, an unmitigated disaster for the communities suffering in the gas fields.

Please do all you can to protect the future of our children and our environment, vote against fracking on any scale.

Thank you.

Local & National Protestors groups, click on the image for more information
Kirkby Misperton Protection Camp
Frack Off
a great source of information
Fracking Nightmare
Films I found interesting on Youtube, full of facts and information

The Truth Behind The Dash For Gas.  2014 Uk based film from 2014, 


Published on 27 Apr 2014

Documentary lifting the lid on fracking spin, investigating environmental and health issues associated with fracking in Australia, the US, and Lancashire and UK Methane's plans to drill near drinking water sources in Somerset

Voices from the Gasfields : It started with just ONE well.

Ian R Crane

Published on 1 May 2015

This is the film the UK & Australian Governments do NOT want you to see! Documenting the accounts of families living with the Unconventional hydrocarbon (Fracking) industry as a neighbour, this hour long documentary is shocking, as it reveals the day to day pollution

WARNING Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch Learn about Fracking Shale Gas what they don't say

Pete WDHCo

Published on 17 Aug 2013

Fracking An Inconvenient Truth Watch and Learn all about Fracking for Shale Gas . Fracking explained in 3d animation the effects on the earth and its close towns and residents. A MUST Watch film showing why the UK and EUROPE MUST NOT ALLOW this deliberate earth