The NHS as we know it is in danger

Never before has there been such an attack on our social welfare network. The NHS has been systematically underfunded and covertly privatised. Sold off to the likes of Virgin, who, when Virgin didn't get a contract for legitimate reasons, sued the NHS, how can that be right, or moral?

In my opinion to make  a profit from someone else's misfortune of being ill or injured is immoral and wrong.           

This was money taken from our NHS in fat profits. This was money that  should have been put back in, to fund proper wages for our health care professionals, new wards, new machinery.

The idea we were sold, was the private sector would run things more efficiently, cheaper etc, though how this was to magically happen and give profits was never clearly explained. Turns out it was  on the back of the workers in the industry, through low pay  and reduced employment benefits and  loss of employment security. Insufficient or no investment in new equipment or proper maintenance, reduced workforce and training, reduced specialist provision because specialists cost more. and when this chronic mismanagement affected the profits, and the company went bust, or withdrew, the tax payer was left to pick up the pieces and paid again to get it back on track as in the case of Brighton and Hove Ambulance Service . This seems to me to be corporate robbery, greed in its most heinous form.

The idea that the NHS is free at the point of demand is used, by this Government, as a way of implying we are getting something for nothing. We all pay for the NHS through our taxes and NI contributions, it is not "free" we own it it is ours.

          We must support our Doctors and Nurse and fight for our NHS. The best way to do this is to educate yourself read a wide range of newspapers,  and tv stations, write to your MP, go on the marches, vote Labour, they started the NHS and they are the only party in a position to save it, though Greens would be my second option.  Read the articles and follow the pages I have linked to, they give a good idea of what is really going on. 

Save our NHS, organisations
Accountable Care Organisation (ACO)

If this gets through we will end up with a system like Americas, This is what we should complain about and support the legal challenge by chipping in for legal costs read more about it and find the funding link here

Taken from Trevor Michael Georges post on facebook, it very clearly states the intentions of ACO's and why we should be fighting against this
Private health care's not so bad

If you don't think an American insurance system would be so bad, and think the American system is just like on Grey's Anatomy, think again. The reality is far far from that altruistic portrayal. 

Just to see a GP costs $109 min thats without medication or tests, just to chat for 15 minutes.

if you have insurance it reduces the cost to the co-pay amount, so still not free.  

Health insurance is prohibitively expensive, and most people can only afford it if they are working and their employer makes a large contribution. Plus it does not cover all the costs incurred, you are still left with hefty bills, Chronic illness, cancer, heart disease etc that require long term treatment and medicines, the cover is capped when it reaches a certain amount just when you need it most.

Health insurance in usa costs

Imagine you had the misfortune to be one of the uninsured in America  a very scary prospect,here is a story from someone who is